Vytautas Čepas: memories of my grandfather

My grandfather Vytautas passed away almost 3 years ago now, just before the start of the pandemic proper in Europe. He was almost 90 years old. I miss him dearly, he was the best grandfather I could have asked for. Some time ago I found a copy of a school assignment from way back whenContinue reading “Vytautas Čepas: memories of my grandfather”

COLD: Counterdiabatic Optimised Local Driving

Recently, my paper Counterdiabatic Optimised Local Driving (which I will refer to as COLD 🧊) finally got published in PRX Quantum! I figured one of the best ways to communicate its results is to write a brief-ish blogpost focusing on 3 things: This post turned out to be far longer than I’d anticipated but luckilyContinue reading “COLD: Counterdiabatic Optimised Local Driving”

Fusion-based Quantum Computing 1: Building Blocks

In January of 2021, a bunch of people from Palo-Alto-based quantum startup PsiQuantum posted a paper on the arXiv introducing “fusion-based quantum computation” (FBQC), a brand new quantum computing paradigm and a variant of measurement-based quantum computation (MBQC). This is exciting for several reasons: the scheme is a contender for scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computation and it offers several interestingContinue reading “Fusion-based Quantum Computing 1: Building Blocks”

What on Earth is counterdiabatic driving? (Or: the waiter and the glass of wine (water) example that’s been done to death)

Rambling Pre-Amble So I’m rubbish at writing blogs. This is something I’ve now truly proven to myself. Not for lack of trying! In any case, here’s a new entry I’d like to thank the amazing folks at the Quantum Aviary blog for. They gave me the push needed to put something together about the sortsContinue reading “What on Earth is counterdiabatic driving? (Or: the waiter and the glass of wine (water) example that’s been done to death)”

What is a Quantum Algorithm? (Part 2: “It” from “Qubit”)

I’ll begin this post with and addendum to the previous part of this series: originally I began this with the intent to sum up (in abstraction) how I understand the concept of quantum algorithms in a fairly practical way. This is still ultimately the goal, but as the previous post grew and my reading materialContinue reading “What is a Quantum Algorithm? (Part 2: “It” from “Qubit”)”

What is a Quantum Algorithm? (Part 1: The Rant about Information)

Here’s a fun, easy topic to start off with. I would like to stress that I do intend to try and make this as accessible as I possibly can. I am by no means a great science communicator, nor one of those absolute genius researchers that I keep running into who seem to understand topicsContinue reading “What is a Quantum Algorithm? (Part 1: The Rant about Information)”