I find that both the beginning and end of a thing can be dangerous, particularly when that thing is a life*. And anyway – beginnings are a myth. The first step, an opening line, biting into an apple… there is always a before. We are burdened, always, with the prototypical “Previously on…” montage.

That is to say this blog begins here, but I think it’s key to remember that there were 50 un-posted novel-length articles that preceded it. There were stories and states-of-mind that won’t make their debut here (or ever). This is as much a beginning as it is an ending or indeed just the culmination of an ongoing plot point in the story.

Right, you may be wondering why I’m waxing poetic about beginnings, or what this blog is even about (or going to be about if you’re one of the misguided souls that deigns to read this post) or if I even know what I’m doing half the time. Valid questions, all**.

I suppose I feel the need to put thoughts down in writing. Always have, always will. The thing about a blog is that I can write as if I’m talking to someone else and that forces me to try and communicate things a little better***. I don’t want this to be a diary, however I will attempt to share experiences and analyses of topics I feel confident enough to cover in some capacity which I think are interesting or could be useful.

More concretely: I want to write about things I do and what I think about them but only in a vein where these things and my thoughts might be useful to someone else. There will be Quantum Computing, experiences in PhD-dom, thoughts on compassion and poetry and nature. I’ll try to keep it simple and clear-cut, because these are things I find hard to do and practice makes perfect.

Anyway, welcome to my blog and I hope I’ll stick with this one.

*Or a blog post, I’m getting way ahead of myself here.
**That last one I ask myself on a daily basis. I’ll get back to you if I manage to figure anything out.
***Clearly this first post is not encouraging in that respect.

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