COLD: Counterdiabatic Optimised Local Driving

Recently, my paper Counterdiabatic Optimised Local Driving (which I will refer to as COLD 🧊) finally got published in PRX Quantum! I figured one of the best ways to communicate its results is to write a brief-ish blogpost focusing on 3 things: This post turned out to be far longer than I’d anticipated but luckilyContinue reading “COLD: Counterdiabatic Optimised Local Driving”

Fusion-based Quantum Computing 1: Building Blocks

In January of 2021, a bunch of people from Palo-Alto-based quantum startup PsiQuantum posted a paper on the arXiv introducing “fusion-based quantum computation” (FBQC), a brand new quantum computing paradigm and a variant of measurement-based quantum computation (MBQC). This is exciting for several reasons: the scheme is a contender for scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computation and it offers several interestingContinue reading “Fusion-based Quantum Computing 1: Building Blocks”

What is a Quantum Algorithm? (Part 2: “It” from “Qubit”)

I’ll begin this post with and addendum to the previous part of this series: originally I began this with the intent to sum up (in abstraction) how I understand the concept of quantum algorithms in a fairly practical way. This is still ultimately the goal, but as the previous post grew and my reading materialContinue reading “What is a Quantum Algorithm? (Part 2: “It” from “Qubit”)”