Science Outreach

Throughout my academic career I have participated in numerous science outreach endeavours. I’ll try and add to this list as more appear (and I remember more from the past!)

Student Contributor to Physics World

I am currently writing articles for the quantum section of Physics World, an internationally leading physics magazine that reports on new and exciting developments in the field.

Quantum computing has the edge for NP-verification
April 1, 2021

A quantum computer has been shown to be faster than a classical one at verifying the solution to an NP-complete problem when provided with only a part of that solution.

Quantum bits make artificial spiking neurons
11 May, 2021

Researchers use biologically inspired system to classify entangled quantum states.

Classical approach extends the range of noisy quantum computers
12 July, 2021

Quantum computing algorithms can simulate infinitely large quantum systems thanks to mathematical tools known as tensor networks.

Quantum Cheshire cats could have a travelling grin
27 October, 2021

Researchers postulate that the quantum Cheshire cat effect, in which a property of a quantum object becomes separated from the object itself, can have dynamics of its own.

Classical computers race to catch up with quantum advantage
22 February, 2022

New algorithm shows that the competition between classical and quantum computation is far from over.

Noise-resistant quantum computing comes a step closer
5 July, 2022

Researchers demonstrate a fault-tolerant universal set of quantum operations for the first time on an ion-trap quantum computer.

Quantum processors still struggle to simulate complex molecules
10 February, 2023

Latest results show that classical computers retain an edge when simulating quantum chemistry problems – at least for now

Edinburgh University Science magazine (EUSci)

During my time at the University of Edinburgh I wrote and edited for the science magazine EUSci.

Simulating consciousness and the quantum brain
Spring 2019

Is there any merit to the idea that that quantum computers could simulate the human brain?

Short story: The First Want
Spring 2019

A hospital worker develops a close relationship with one of the patients.


I recently peer reviewed an article in the Cambridge Journal of Science & Policy:

Quantum Key Distribution: Advantages, Challenges and Policy, by Victor Lovic

I also do quite a bit of outreach about quantum computing in my home country of Lithuania. Here are several radio interviews and a public online presentation on the topic (in Lithuanian):

Interview 1: Radikalus Smalsumas
Interview 3: Kosmoso departamentas
Interview 4: Radikalus Smalsumas again, in-studio

Public online event about quantum computing

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